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Lorenzini Fetlock Boots, Titanium inserts.



Lorenzini Fetlock Boots, Titanium inserts.
€ 131,00

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€ 131,00


The Lorenzini Fetlock Boots are lightweight and resistant, with a sophisticated design.

The elegant design of the fetlock boots is lightweight and study.

They are directly shaped on the horse's limbs and they are equipped with titanium side branches, which guarantee the maximum protection against injuries and bruising. They maintain proposer position on the horse's leg thanks to an asymmetric central section to preventing the boot from turning.

The fetlock boots are equipped with two soft elastic straps, durable and adjustable to guarantee perfect closure without excessive pressure on the shin of the horse.

The fetlock boots are created in accordance with champion Italian professional riders, and they are designed for all type of equestrian discipline.

They undergo a zirconium sandblasting process and a subsequent passivation

Colour: Black, Brown, Grey

Size: M (cob), L (full)

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