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Lorenzini Jumping Fetlock Boots with Titanium inserts



Lorenzini Jumping Fetlock Boots with Titanium inserts
€ 139,00

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€ 139,00


The Lorenzini Jumping Fetlock Boots are designed to ensure maximum performance in jumping shows.

Fetlock boots with Titanium lateral inserts and a padding of latest generation breathable neoprene.

The jumping fetlock boots are studied to guarantee the best performances in jumping, always in the maximum respect of the horse, thanks to usual features of resistance and lightness.

The upper asymmetrical mid-section is perfectly adapted to the limb and guarantees total protection and shock absorption.

Four layers of gel: “shock absorber” and "anti rotation".

Easy to wear Equipped with two soft elastic straps in velcro, adjustable in three different positions.

Lateral insert in pure titanium for the horse's welfare.

They undergo a zirconium sandblasting process and a subsequent passivation

Size: M (cob), L (full).

Colours: black, brown, grey.

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