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Bridle bit with exchangeable long or short shaft in Lorenzini titanium.



Bridle bit with exchangeable long shaft of 7 cm or short shaft of 5 cm .

Made of Lorenzini titanium.

€ 171,00

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€ 171,00


Bridle bit with exchangeable long shaft of 7 cm or short shaft of 5 cm Made of Lorenzini titanium In nature covered with a dioxide layer that possesses a high destructive power against many bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus but also, anthrax bacillus, Legionella, and many others) and pollutants released to atmosphere (nitrogen dioxide, benzene, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and some details of dust particles).

Bad conductor of heat, to the touch is always to be pleasant temperature.

Nonmagnetic, creates a high safety net against the Earth's magnetic fields responsible for many anomalous behavior of both humans and, to a greater extent, of the animals strong soul Smooth to the touch, picked up this bite you surprised by its extreme lightness and maneuverability, which makes one think of an empty framework.

But, on the contrary, built in full titanium, a choice of high value, to offer the best conditions of strength, durability and beauty.

One object Each piece in this collection of mouthpieces or titanium bites made with extreme accuracy of construction.

The bites are machined with thread and fusion welding, using both high-precision instruments (such as cutting water jet) is the craftsmanship of a great tradition, which makes every single element in one piece.

Bits For its resistance to acids present in the horse's mouth, his extreme biocompatibility and its light weight (half of steel) the titanium bite turns out to be a viable alternative to currently marketed bites.

After its placement inside the horse's mouth, subjected to countless tests, it produced high salivation resulting in relaxation of all the muscles of the neck and thus greater docility; and loving kindness.

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